Bologna Resource Centre

Bologna Resource Centre reception.  SAVE THE DATE: October 4, 2017.

The new BRC at the Institute for European Studies will be hosting a reception in the C.K. Choi building on 4 October 2017. We invite guests to come and learn about the Bologna process and its impact in Canada.  Please mark the date in your calendar, and check this space in September for further details.


What is the Bologna Process?

The Bologna Process is a series of intergovernmental agreements made by 48 countries in the Council of Europe, to create a European Higher Education Area (EHEA). The EHEA is a means for each country to adapt their higher education systems to make them more compatible with one another, as well as to strengthen quality assurance mechanisms. The primary goal of the Bologna Process has been to facilitate mobility of students and staff across Europe, although this rather ambitious project has adopted several additional goals and objectives. For more information on the Bologna Process and the EHEA, please go to the official website here

What is the Bologna Resource Centre, at the IES?

The Bologna Resource Centre (BRC) at the IES will act as a hub of information about the Bologna Process and the EHEA, as well as its implications for Canadian universities and policymakers.  The BRC will also act as an incubator to draw students and researchers from various policy disciplines into the domain of European integration studies.