Esteemed Professor Martin Roth Awarded Peter Wall Institute Visiting Professorship

Martin Roth, Professor of Cultural Politics and Cultural Management at the University of Dresden, has been awarded the distinguished visiting professorship from the Peter Wall Institute.

Professor Roth holds the title of Professor of Cultural Politics and Cultural Management at the University of Dresden. From 2001 to 2011 he served as Director General of the Dresden State Art Collections (one of the oldest art institutions in the world, comprising 12 museums). A scholar of cultural institutions and an outspoken public figure in the field of cultural politics, Prof. Roth is one of the highest profile museum directors in the world. Under his directorship (2011–2016) the Victoria and Albert Museum in London (V&A) was recognized as Museum of the Year in 2016 and his exhibition, “Alexander McQueen, Savage Beauty” won the Museums and Heritage award for Best Temporary Exhibition of 2015. For Prof. Roth, museums function as part of a political conversation; they are significant sites of change as well as conservation. His work and the questions he asks are thoroughly interdisciplinary, engaging the insights and discourse of material history, cultural politics, political science, sociology, and art history.

During his Peter Wall Institute residency, Professor Martin Roth will be interacting with the UBC Institute of European Studies, in addition to the departments of Art History, Visual Art and Theory; Sociology; and the Vancouver Art Gallery. Within the context of his own research and visiting professorship, he has proposed inviting a number of distinguished curators for an international conference at the Institute to discuss the role of cultural institutions at a time of globalization. This high-profile event is expected to involve artists, curators and scholars from across Canada, the U.S., Europe and Asia.