Lecture: Miro Hacek – The Political and Economic Consolidation of the Former Yugoslav Republics

Location: Buchanan C403, UBC Vancouver

The UBC Institute of European Studies and UBC Department of Political Science present:

“The Political and Economic Consolidation of the Former Yugoslav Republics”

A talk by:

Professor Miro Hacek, University of Ljubljana

This lecture will emphasize different trajectories that six republics of former socialist country of Yugoslavia took after gaining independence in 1991. Professor Hacek will analyse processes of political and economic consolidation in former Yugoslav republics and explain the complex reasons why Slovenia and Croatia have managed to consolidate their political system and become members of the European Union and NATO, but Serbia, Monte Negro, FYR Macedonia and Bosnia Herzegovina have in large extend failed to do so.

Professor Hacek is an associate professor of political science and head of the department at the University of Ljubljana. His main research interest are in public administration, local government and governance; human rights; civil servants systems and the politico-administrative relations. He has published many scientific articles, papers and books in the Slovenian and English languages.