PDI Workshop

Location:  Room 110, Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Studies (PIMS), 1933 West Mall

The Professional Development Initiative of the UBC Faculty of Graduate Studies is pleased to offer open spaces for registration in Dr. Iain Taylor’s “So! It’s Time to Publish a Paper!” workshop series to begin on February 13th, 2008.

Dr. Iain Taylor is providing the 40th offering of his very popularworkshop series for those who are ready to publish their next paper.  Only 35 applicants will be accepted into this series of 6 workshops offered through the Professional Development Initiative of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.  The key to successful registration is sending Dr. Iain Taylor an email request to join the workshop:  iepiep@interchange.ubc.ca   Dr. Taylor will then provide follow-up details so that registrants can prepare an abstract for the first workshop date of Wednesday, February 13th (Noon – 1:30pm).  This abstract is due Monday, February 11th.

LIMITED OPPORTUNITY:  There are only 35 seats available.  A fee of $25 is required from successful applicants to complete their registration.  Information on payment will be sent to you upon successful application.

Dr. Iain Taylor is the Assistant Editor-in-chief, Research Journals, National Research Council of Canada, 1991-present.
UBC Home Page Link:  http://www.botany.ubc.ca/people/itaylor.htm