Pioneering the Fight Against Human Trafficking (Talk)


Patsy Sörensen, the founder and current director of Payoke NGO, will be discussing the role of the PAYOKE NGO in combating human trafficking. Ms. Sörensen, a former Member of the European Parliament as well as Alderman and City Councillor for Antwerp is widely recognized as both a pioneer and an indefatigable force in the fight against human trafficking in all its forms.

Ms. Sörensen originally began her career as an artist and art teacher who found affordable working space in the Red Light district of Antwerp. The women working there found her a willing ear and soon a powerful advocate defending their social rights and access to health care. It would not take long for her to begin to rescue the first victims of trafficking. In spite of strong opposition from the powers that be she took the fight against trafficking from her city to the European Union and beyond.  Since 2008 Ms Sörensen is Member of the EU Experts Group on Human Trafficking.