Emina Dervisevic completed her Master of Arts Degree with the Institute of European Studies in 2006. Her research interests during her studies ranged from issues related to Turkey’s potential accession to the European Union and security in the Western Balkans to Anthropology of Islam. Emina came to the IES with a background in linguistics and literature and she greatly appreciated the inter-disciplinary nature of the Master’s program, which offered her an opportunity to explore a wide variety of new disciplines (such as anthropology, geography and economics). In addition to that, the Institute provided the students with an opportunity to meet and learn from some leading experts in various fields of study. During her years at the Institute, she was fortunate to receive the scholarship for the summer internship at TASA (Trans-Atlantic Summer Academy) in Germany, participate in the Student Policy Research Program at the Simons Centre for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation and volunteer at the Liu Institute’s Human Security Centre. Upon graduation, Emina was offered a permanent position with the Human Security Centre as the Outreach Coordinator. In May 2007, the Human Security Centre became the Human Security Report Project (HSRP) and moved to the Simon Fraser University. Two years after her graduation, Emina is still living in Vancouver and working at the HSRP, now as the Program Coordinator – taking care of the HR issues and drafting proposals and reports for the HSRP’s funders.