Jason Young obtained his MA in European Studies in 2008 and his BA (Honours) in History with International Relations from the Department of History at the University of British Columbia in 2005. His MA thesis explored nationalism in select European cases, while his BA Honours thesis evaluated the role played by dissident intellectuals in the uprisings in East-Central Europe, 1953-1956. His current research focuses on the interaction between Nationalism, immigration and ethnic identity (identity politics) in the context of a bordering of Europe as a cultural and political space. Jason has presented conference papers at the University of Pittsburgh, The Duitsland Instituut Amsterdam at The University of Amsterdam, York University, and the University of Victoria. His work has been published in the journal, Russian and European Affairs Revue.

Having graduated in 2008, Jason is beginning a D.Phil in Geography at McGill University. His dissertation project focuses on intellectual history and the making of national identities and cultures by analyzing cosmopolitanism and nationalism as representative of modes of historical thought as represented in specific historical sites.

His main fields of interest are: European Intellectual History; Nationalism, Political theory, The history of Political ideas and Citizenship and Migration.