Robert Harmsen is Professor of Political Science at the University of Luxembourg, where he also directs the Master in European Governance program. His research interests have spanned a broad range of topics concerned with the contemporary processes of European integration, including the constitutional development of the European Union and the evolution of the European Convention on Human Rights. He has also published extensively on the themes of ‘Europeanisation’ and ‘Euroscepticism’.

Professor Harmsen’s period as a visiting scholar at UBC is taking place within the framework of the ‘Global-Uni’ research project. This project, undertaken together with Dr. Gangolf Braband, examines the impacts of globalisation on higher education policy. The major components of ‘Global-Uni’ are concerned with: the role of international organisations (particularly the OECD) in the making of higher education policy; the (potential) strategic positioning of ‘small states’ as ‘knowledge hubs’ (focusing on Luxembourg and Singapore); and the response of federal systems to the policy demands of the knowledge society (focusing on Canada and Germany, with further sub-national comparisons at the Land/provincial level).