Suzanna Crage is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Pittsburgh. Her research focuses on the intersections of culture and policy making, with a particular interest in refugee policy, collective memory and national identity. Her main areas of teaching are research methods, culture, nationalism and immigration policy. In additional to the University of Pittsburgh, she has taught at Indiana University, the University of Mannheim, DePauw University and Rice University.

During her time at the IES, Professor Crage will focus on writing a book about refugee policy development in Berlin and Munich from the 1980s to 2000s. The book “Place and Policymaking: City-Level Refugee Policy Development in Germany” will present and compare the development of refugee policy in Berlin and Munich. Refugee policy is generally seen as an arena belonging to and determined by actors at the national or super-national level. This analysis demonstrates the importance of attending to local policies. Policy debates and decisions show substantial variation in how Berlin and Munich approached the care and management of refugees. Asylum policy was ultimately regulated at the federal and international levels, but city policymakers did not passively accept and enact national decisions. They interpreted, reacted to and worked to affect higher-level policies in ways that were supported by local ideas, that met local interests, and that were inspired by or depended on local institutions. This book shows the importance of place-based factors for explaining the distinctly different patterns of decisions and strategies in each city, and argues for approaching policy making more generally as an emplaced process.

In addition to this book, she will work on a related project that examines how Berlin policymakers across the political spectrum used memories of World War II Germany to attempt to justify or limit the expansion of acceptable refugee aid policies.

During her stay at the IES Dr. Crage will offer a research workshop. More details will be posted on this website. We are welcoming Suzanna Crage at the IES.