Thomas Biebricher received his doctorate in Political Science at the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg in 2003. His dissertation was published under the title Selbstkritik der Moderne. Habermas und Foucault imVergleich by Campus Publishers in a book series edited by the Institute of Social Research in Frankfurt in 2005. It is currently under review to be translated and published by Columbia University Press in the series ‘New Directions in Critical Theory’.

From 2003 to 2009 he was a DAAD Visiting Assistant Professor at the Political Science Department of the University of Florida in Gainesville. From 2009 to 2012he was a Junior Research Group Director at the Cluster of Excellence ‘Formation of Normative Orders’ at the Goethe Universität in Frankfurt. The theme of the interdisciplinary research group of three doctoral students whose dissertations he supervised was ‘Varieties of Neoliberalism and their Transformation’.

During the academic year of 2013 he held two temporary professorships for political theory and philosophy as well as international political theory respectively, at the Goethe Universität.

For the winter term of 2014 he is a DAAD Visiting Assistant Professor at IES, teaching a class on European Integration.

At the moment, his research interests are focused on neoliberal thought in conjunction with the recent transformations of economic governance structures in Europe in response to the financial crisis. Currently, he is working on a book-length manuscript entitled ‘The Political Theory of Neoliberalism’.

Recent Publications

  • Die ZukunftEuropaszwischenKapitalismus und Demokratie (The Future of Europe between Democracy and Capitalism). In: PolitischeVierteljahresschrift, forthcoming January 2014 (with FriederVogelmann).
  • Europe and the Political Philosophy of Neoliberalism. In: Contemporary Political Theory 12 (4), 2013, pp. 338-375.
  • Governmentality and State Theory: Reinventing the Reinvented Wheel?, in: Theory & Event 15 (3), 2012 (with FriederVogelmann).
  • Neoliberalismus zur Einführung (Introduction to Neoliberalism). Hamburg: Junius, 2012.