Tim Hicks (DPhil Oxford, 2009) specializes in the comparative politics of advanced industrialized economies, especially as related to public policy and comparative political economy.  He is an Ussher Assistant Professor of Political Economy at the Department of Political Science, Trinity College, Dublin and, for January-September 2014, a Visiting Assistant Professor at UBC, affiliated with the Institute for European Studies.  Tim’s current research relates to three areas.  First, a collaborative project with Alan Jacobs (UBC) and Scott Matthews (MUN) on how economic inequality can lead to political inequality, where the primary thrust of the current work relates to the idea of “class-biased economic voting”.  A workshop on the topic of “Economic Inequality and the Quality of Democracy” will be held at the IES in February 2014. Second, a project on the politics of schooling – especially as it relates to issues of school choice, privatization, and vouchers.  Third, a collaborative project with Lucy Barnes (Oxford) on the impact that the financial crisis had on political attitudes.