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The Spectre of Populism in Europe – A Brief IES Guide to Populist Political Parties in the EU
February 23, 2015
Jean-Claude Juncker, three months before being elected President of the European Commission in 2014, warned that if populism and extremism became the norm in Europe, the face of the entire continent would change. SYRIZA’s electoral success in Greece set the stage not only for a tense standoff between the Greek government and the German finance […]

Europe: a ‘no-go’ zone?
January 23, 2015
Le Petit Journal, a satirical, French television show on Canal+ has released a video in which two French comedians play the role of Fox News anchors who “braved the dangers” of Paris’s alleged ‘no-go zones’ to report on the situation on the ground. The comedians’ sketch parodies comments made by terrorism analyst and ‘Fox News […]

Debating the Future Paths of European Integration Integration – A New Pact for Europe
November 13, 2014
The debate surrounding the future paths of the European Integration Project is on. Throughout the next couple of months, the Institute for European Studies will present a series of interventions into this debate. Comments are welcome. Please find the second report on the New Pact for Europe initiative, facilitated by a transnational consortium of foundations […]

IES Director at the Canada-Europe Transatlantic Dialogue CETA Conference – Interview
November 6, 2014
IES Director Dr. Kurt Hübner represented the Institute at the latest CETA public event of the Canada-Europe Transatlantic Dialogue (CETD) at McGill University. He was interviewed to discuss the potential benefits of CETA for Canadians, as well as the ISDS question in the European ratification process. Kurt Hübner EUCAnet Nov 2, 2014

CiTR of UBC Talks to IES Director About Canada, EU, Students’ Perspective on CETA
October 16, 2014
CiTR, the “broadcasting voice of UBC”, invited IES Director Kurt Hübner to have a conversation on CETA – its ‘real impact’ on Canadians, the challenges it may face in Europe and why university students should closely follow developments concerning the agreement. Please find the interview as an mp3 file below. Kurt Hübner CiTR Oct 10, […]