Conference Presentations

Managing Decarbonization: the Cases of Canada and Germany

Please find conference presentations attached below. For those whose presentations are not enclosed, you may review their presentation on our saved web stream, the link to which is . The presentations are organized chronologically and divided into the panels that they were presented in.

October 27th, 2016: Opening Speeches and Panel, and October 28th, 2016: Conference Day Opening Speeches

For all opening speeches please again refer to our conference recordings page

October 28th, 2016: Panels 
Panel: Climate Change: The Ethical and Political-Economic Dimension
Moderator: Mishka Lysack, University of Calgary
Lukas Meyer, University of Graz: “Keeping fossil fuel in the ground? Ethical and Inter-generational Aspects”
Jakob Peter, University of Cologne: “The Revival of Coal: A Temporary Event?”
Gernot Wagner, Harvard University: “Applying Asset Pricing Theory to Calibrate the Price of Climate Risk”
James Meadowcroft, Carleton University, Ottawa:  “The Politics of The Low Carbon Transition”

Panel: Looking Forward: Innovations and Climate Change
Moderator: Omar Herrera, UBC
Anna Pechan, University of Oldenburg: “Making the Energiewende Happen”
Klaus Berger, Vice President, Fuel Cell Division, Mercedes-Benz Canada: “Hydrogen Fuel Cells: A way to Reduce Carbonization in Automotives”
Karoline Augenstein, Wuppertal Institute: :”E-Mobility – Challenges and Opportunities”

Jonn Axsen, Simon Fraser University: “Moving Past Alternative Fuel Hype to Decarbonize Transportation”


Panel: Climate Policies in Multilevel Systems
Moderator: Kurt Hübner
Kathryn Harrison, UBC: “Carbon Pricing and Federalism: Canada”
Mark Purdon, Département de science politique, Université de Montréal: “A Reality Check on the BC Carbon Tax: Comparison of carbon pricing in BC and Quebec”
Dörte Ohlhorst, Free University Berlin: “Europeanization of Energy and Climate Policy”

Panel :”Cities and Climate Policies”
Moderated By Max Cameron, UBC
Sumeet Gulami and Juan Fercovic, UBC: “Carbon Footprints of Canadian Cities”


Oliver Heidrich, Newcastle University: “Can European Cities Plan, Deliver and Pay for Decarbonization?”


Stephanie Cairns, Smart Prosperity Institute: “Empowering the Decarbonization of Canadian Cities”