Twenty Years Later

BerlinWall When the Wall came down in November 9, 1989, nobody foresaw the rapid dynamics that resulted in the German unification of 1990. The scenery was set for a second economic miracle that would transform the shady nationalized sectors of the former GDR-planned economy into blooming landscapes, as former Chancellor Kohl put it, of capitalist origin. The processes, however, turned out to be more complicated.

The project, under the directorship of Dr. Kurt Hübner, will take stock of the socio-economic changes in the Neue Laender. Visiting researchers from Europe will stay for up to one month at the IES and perform their inquiries. In September 2008 we welcomed Dr. Stefan Krätke and in October 2008 Dr. Gerd Grözinger, while in 2009 the IES hosted Prof. Frank Gerlach.

The project received support from the Stifterverband der Deutschen Wissenschaft and the DAAD.

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Research Proposals: