EU Study Tour and Internship Program 2019

The UBC Institute for European Studies is pleased to inform students about the 15th Annual European Union (EU) Study Tour & Internship Program. The Tour will take place from May 12– June 1, 2019.

About the course

This course is led by UBC faculty member Kurt Huebner The EU Study Tour & Internship Program (EUST&IP) is an academic activity with a difference.The EUST & IP is an immersion inside the European Institutions. Through seminars and briefings, participants have ‘face to face’ contact with the leaders and policy-makers actively involved in the daily work of the European Union, other European institutions, diplomatic representations to the EU (including Canada) and significant civil society organizations.There are briefings from the following institutions (partial list): European Commission, Council of Ministers, European Parliament, European Court of Justice, European Central Bank, Canadian Mission to the EU, Quebec General Delegation to the EU, delegations from Turkey and Russia, NATO, and many more.Locations are key sites of European institutions and civil society organizations (please note that locations are subject to change): Brussels, Luxembourg, Strasbourg, Frankfurt, Antwerp and Hachenburg.Participants come from universities across Canada (including Dalhousie, Toronto, York, Carleton, Montreal, Victoria, Bishops, and UBC).
The European Union Study Tour & Internship Program
After the Study Tour, if you are a successful applicant into the EU Study Tour, you may also consider the Internship Program that is an optional program. This substantial internship opportunity is with European institutions and can be for two to six months in duration. Most internship positions commence immediately following the completion of the Study Tour but longer internships may begin later. However, the Internship is not coordinated through Go Global.

About the experience

A typical day might include:

  • Standard work week: Monday – Friday form 9am-4:30
  •  Formal business attire is often required.
  • Visits to institutional sites (such as the Plenary for the European Parliament).
  • Lectures and discussions by policy-makers or diplomats, followed by Q&A.
  • Workshops, simulations, other types of seminars.
  •  For the week spent outside of Brussels, students travel together on a tour bus.
  • There is some time for recreation and tourism, but the primary purpose is to learn about the EU and other institutions of European integration.

Note: this is an intensive academic experience, not a Contiki tour of Europe!

Notable environmental conditions:

  • Temperate climactic conditions in an urban setting.
  • It is occasionally cool and rainy in Brussels during that time of year.
  • Many of the facilities have air conditioning, but not all. Therefore, wearing light but formal attire (and comfortable shoes) is recommended.
  • Bring an umbrella or water bottle, as needed.

General timeline

May 12-June 1: Brussels‐Frankfurt‐Luxembourg‐Strasbourg
Jun-August: optional internship, Brussels*
Prior to your time in the field, you will be required to attend pre-departure sessions in Vancouver.
Internship dates for 2019: Monday June 3 – Friday August 2.  
Some flexibility required, depending on the location and host organization.


To be accepted for this Global Seminar, you have to meet both program-specific requirements as well as ARA eligibility.Program-specific requirementsNo specific eligibility requirements.  Preference shown to fourth-year undergraduate students in political science and International Relations.  Third year students, and those in other disciplines (international studies, economics, commerce, journalism, etc.) are also encouraged to apply, particularly if student has completed coursework in the politics, economics and history of Europe.ARA Eligibility

  • Be enrolled in UBC Vancouver’s Faculty of Arts.
  • Be in their third, fourth, or final year of study;
  • Be within one of the following qualifying majors as above
  • Be enrolled in at least 24 credits in the academic year before the program
  • Must be registered in 24 credits in the current academic year, or sufficient to graduate
  • Have a minimum GPA of 70% with no fails or incompletes.

This is a highly competitive program that is generously funded through the Faculty of Arts – Dean’s Office, Anonymous Donors and Go Global. The funding provided for this program is limited to only UBC Vancouver students in the identified Arts Majors

Fees and costs

CAD $5000 (Approximately) plus tuition and flight
Students do not pay the Go Global fee when applying to a Global Seminar. The Go Global fee is built into the Program Fee and is payable upon acceptance to the program.All qualifying students will receive ARA Funding. A separate application is not required.  ARA Funding provides eligible students 70% of funding for the program fee and flight. Accepted students with demonstrated financial needs are eligible for 100% funding for Program Fee and Budgeted Flight.


For more information and to apply, please visit: